Item collection 353730 original

On the Coast Pearl and Crystal Dangling Earrings


Item collection 353734 original

Sea Blue Nugget and Crystal Dangle Earrings


Item collection 353733 original

Water Droplet Earrings in Sky Blue


Item collection 353690 original

Sparkling Czech Glass Dangle Earrings - Champagne


Item collection 353659 original

Glass Drop Earrings - Mint Berries


Item collection 353657 original

Wire Wrapped Czech Glass Teardrops in Stone Turquo


Item collection 353632 original

Little Mystic Mossy Green Drops - Enchanted


Item collection 353647 original

Wire Wrapped Glass Flower Earrings in Rosaline Glo


Item collection 353620 original

Fire Polished Green Glass Earrings - Radiant Fores


Item collection 353617 original

Aqua Forest Globes - Blue Green Glass Dangle Earri


Item collection 353604 original

Fall Autumn Leaf Dangle Earrings - Amber Foliage


Item collection 353582 original

Wire Wrapped Glass Flower Earrings in Aqua Glow


Item collection 353567 original

Vine Ripened - Peach Glass Melon Earrings


Item collection 353550 original

Rustic Stone Chartreuse Glass Drop Earrings


Handmade Glass, Crystal, and Gemstone Jewelry

Here you will find wire wrapped gemstone jewelry, simple fall and autumn styles, and unique lucite floral jewelry designs!

I am also on Etsy under the same name....

Since Zibbet has such a lovely sale feature, I have all my items up on sale to celebrate my new shop! Everything will be 15% until further notice.

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